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Where the hell Ep. 43 is.

Hey everybody, it’s your host Ari.

A few words about the two episodes we owe you. I’m sorry to the fans who are waiting to hear me complain about stuff and yell at my co-hosts but some small issues popped up. The CouchIsland crew went on a small road trip to get some perspective on life and get the new CouchIsland wheels up and running. It was a little too busy to get an episode recorded and put up for you so we decided to delay until we could get a quality episode out for you. 

It’s been a bit rough to try to focus on the podcast. The low feedback makes it hard to give a rats ass but we’re still trying to make something people want to listen to. We crossed the year mark but we’re still hoping that someone is enjoying this little thing of ours. We’ll keep doing what we’re doing. It just needs a quick jump to get back on track.

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