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Episode 50 – Sometime In The Future

The next episode of CouchIsland will be our post-apocalyptic episode. We’ll be comparing and contrasting Falling Skies, Jericho, and the return of The Walking Dead. The whole point will be to see how different disasters are framed, and how each cast of characters deals with survival.

The show itself has been put on hiatus while I go through a lot of backend nonsense the internet likes to throw at us. I’ve moved servers and all the accompanying services so that was enough to throw off business as usual and realized I wanted the show to be more thorough that what I was putting out there. My favorite conversations about TV are more about dissecting shows and figuring out why they work, what they say about the time they were created, and what shows led to it or will be borne from it. The provenance of different shows interests me and I always thought there were more like-minded people in the world and the podcast serves as an easy means to spread out and find those people. You guys as listeners are either that fan base I was looking for, or have found something else interesting in the podcasts I’ve been putting out there.

My own narcissism will keep the podcast coming out, but as I try to make the show into a better product to throw out episodes might be spaced out farther apart. As always any suggestions welcome, and I hope you’ll be listening when the new episode gets released.

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