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Kobey Swap Meet hadn’t paid off for the past 3 weeks. It was either cancelled for weather or just had nothing to offer me. Today though I managed to come across a lot of 38 test tubes for a cool $5. I was pretty happy to find American made glassware and something to set off my science/nerd gland. Although the test tube tends to be more chemistry and as a biologist I have a softer spot for the culture tube; there’s no reason a guy like me couldn’t find a use for these. At the very least it’s a great addition to my growing at home bio lab.

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  1. I found you guys by searching for podcasts about Leverage on Itunes and while I find you guys podcasting style a bit too “drunk college frat boy” for my mildly inebriated English self, I do have to give you many thanks for introducing me to Breakout Kings, even if I still think Leverage is a more enjoyable although completely different TV show.

    Keep up the good work.

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