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Latest Hobby: Pistols

I like having hobbies. Recently I had reached the expensive end of a lot of my current hobbies. You can only go so long before your skills push beyond the simple beginner kits and you start having to buy specialized gear. In the spirit of self-improvement I started looking around for new skills to pick up. Diversify my interests while making myself more valuable during an apocalypse.

This is the first target from trying to learn to fire faster and more accurately. A buddy of mine brought out his single action .22 and we rented a 9mm Glock. We ran through something like 200 rounds and I was starting to get the hang of keeping my stance and recoil management. The gun bug definitely bit me. I’ll most likely end up buying a Glock 17 and a case of ammo online. I’m hoping to have something like a 3 inch radius of grouped shots before the end of the year. We’ll see how long it takes to really learn how to shoot well.

Any other first time shooters leave me some tips in the comments. Hope you all have some hobbies to keep you sane during the holidays.



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