Ari’s Ramblings

Ari's Ramblings

How To Scratch A Lottery Ticket

I always scratch off Lotto Tickets in the most suspenseful way possible. This was a tic-tac-toe varietal so I went for the lower 4 in a square pattern. I had 2 chances to make a row. Then I scratched the ‘bonus multiplier’ square and got a 2x multiplier. All that was left was the prize box. Whatever remained in the cloud of scratched off foil and glue would be mine to claim. I took my time and finally I saw… 2 bucks. That was way more of a thrill than 4 dollars would ever give me. Unless I was in Vietnam.

Ari's Ramblings

Day At The Range.

Latest day at the range with the old lady, here’s some of the aftermath. I think the sights on the gun we rented was off because I was getting good grouping but was off vertically. Either way I think she got the bug too, so looks like we’ll have to get rid of some other spending habits to make room for this.

Ari's Ramblings

Latest Hobby: Pistols

I like having hobbies. Recently I had reached the expensive end of a lot of my current hobbies. You can only go so long before your skills push beyond the simple beginner kits and you start having to buy specialized gear. In the spirit of self-improvement I started looking around for new skills to pick up. Diversify my interests while making myself more valuable during an apocalypse. This is the first target from trying to learn to fire faster and more accurately. A buddy of mine brought out his single action .22 and we rented a 9mm Glock. We ran through something like 200 rounds and I was starting to get the hang of keeping my stance and recoil management. The gun bug definitely bit…

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Swap Meet Finds

Kobey Swap Meet hadn’t paid off for the past 3 weeks. It was either cancelled for weather or just had nothing to offer me. Today though I managed to come across a lot of 38 test tubes for a cool $5. I was pretty happy to find American made glassware and something to set off my science/nerd gland. Although the test tube tends to be more chemistry and as a biologist I have a softer spot for the culture tube; there’s no reason a guy like me couldn’t find a use for these. At the very least it’s a great addition to my growing at home bio lab.

Ari's Ramblings

Ugo Entertainment Gives Me UFC Ultimate Fight Collection

To all of those people who said I waste too much time on facebook, I have a guide to punching them in the face and dropping an elbow lock on them. I responded to some code thing and they sent over this sweet little 2011 collection of top fights and behind the scenes stuff from UFC. It’s cool because it’s a pre-release and was free ninety nine. Let the Brodown begin!

Ari's Ramblings


Recently I drove downtown to check out the local Dick Blick art store. I’ve always liked going to art supply stores. The mix of potential and inspiration swirling around with the rewards of consumerism. It’s a good mix. I picked up a new sketchbook because they were half priced but this new one pushes me out of my comfort zone. I’ve stuck to a 4″ x 6″ hardbound sketchbook since my freshman year of college but the price of this full size 8.5″ x 11″ hardbound was too good to pass up. The only problem is I’ve never liked drawing bigger sketches so I’ve let it sit for a while. To try to kickstart some inspiration I’ve been going through and organizing all the different…

Ari's Ramblings

Episode 50 – Sometime In The Future

The next episode of CouchIsland will be our post-apocalyptic episode. We’ll be comparing and contrasting Falling Skies, Jericho, and the return of The Walking Dead. The whole point will be to see how different disasters are framed, and how each cast of characters deals with survival. The show itself has been put on hiatus while I go through a lot of backend nonsense the internet likes to throw at us. I’ve moved servers and all the accompanying services so that was enough to throw off business as usual and realized I wanted the show to be more thorough that what I was putting out there. My favorite conversations about TV are more about dissecting shows and figuring out why they work, what they say about…

Ari's Ramblings


Recently I took the girlfriend out to see a movie. If you’ve ever heard me talk about movie theaters you’re well aware I can’t stand them. We chose a relatively small theater well away from any major college and tucked in a strip mall. The idea was to try to find something outside of the radius of bored people and closer to moms who would complain about messy seats or bad projectors. It paid off and the overall experience was tolerable. We decided to check out Drive. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and starring a pretty cool cast: Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, Christina Hendricks, Ron Perlman, Oscar Isaac, and Albert Brooks. I was pretty excited to see another Refn film. Being a fan…