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Swap Meet

Coin Changer

I have a checklist of items I know I want but wait for excess funds or a bad enough day I need to cheer myself up. Mostly they’re things I had or saw as a kid but haven’t given myself as an adult. It doesn’t tend to be toys or video games as you might imagine. More often than not they’re obscure tools or simple machines. A coin changer was always on the list. I haven’t seen too many around, most likely a symptom of how obsolete coins are in the US economy. Even though most meals are pieced together in 99 cent portions we very rarely opt to count out coins. They tend to stay in jars and under couch cushions. If I had…

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Swap Meet Finds

Kobey Swap Meet hadn’t paid off for the past 3 weeks. It was either cancelled for weather or just had nothing to offer me. Today though I managed to come across a lot of 38 test tubes for a cool $5. I was pretty happy to find American made glassware and something to set off my science/nerd gland. Although the test tube tends to be more chemistry and as a biologist I have a softer spot for the culture tube; there’s no reason a guy like me couldn’t find a use for these. At the very least it’s a great addition to my growing at home bio lab.